Panama is a charming country and its people, its roots, landscapes, traditions, among other things, make this place a beautiful place. The beaches are charming both in the Pacific and in the Atlantic to make your vacation the best. In addition, Panama is considered the business center of the Americas and the center of an emerging economic region, the perfect place for you and your company to experience the beauty and dynamics of Latin America.

Where to go?

Panama City

Panama City is not just a place of passage for tourism like other Central American capitals can be, since there are several places to visit that will keep you entertained for at least a couple of days.

Panama Canal

Talking about emblematic places in Panama is immediately referring to one of the most important modern constructions of humanity: the canal that since 1914 unites the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans through the narrowest part of the continent.

Mouth of the bull

Formed by a portion of land and an archipelago of islands in the Caribbean Sea, its coasts are the typical Caribbean postcard image, with warm crystal clear water, golden sand, inland jungle, and palm trees providing shade from the intense heat.