Face-to-face professional services
2,271.00 C$ 2,271.00 C$ 2271.0 CAD
Services of Cuban education professionals, with extensive experience and highly qualified in different specialties and types of education, in any region of the world.
Technical and professional education
29,377.00 C$ 29,377.00 C$ 29377.0 CAD
It is a co-design service for programs oriented towards the training of Intermediate Technicians and Qualified Workers for occupational profiles adjusted to the conditions and demands of the job occupations, jobs or management activity of the interested parties.
12,114.00 C$ 12,114.00 C$ 12114.0 CAD
The educational offer in tertiary education covers virtual, face-to-face or hybrid environments.
Educate your child program
1,817.00 C$ 1,817.00 C$ 1817.0 CAD
Aimed at preparing the family so that, in the conditions of the home, they can educate their children based on their own knowledge and experiences.
Talent education
3,786.00 C$ 3,786.00 C$ 3786.0 CAD
It is a project aimed at promoting the development of talent in junior high and high school students in the area of ​​science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and computing).
Spanish class
50.00 C$ 50.00 C$ 50.0 CAD
The Spanish courses are developed by the "José Martí" Language Teaching Center, an academic institution of the MINED, attached to the ICCP.