Saint Martin is Franco-Dutch. In the heart of the Caribbean, a stone's throw from Guadeloupe (45 minutes by plane), this small 88 km² island, with exceptional flora and fauna, boasts a series of beaches, each one more paradisiacal than the last, fascinating historical sites , exceptional accommodations and more than 300 restaurants, which gives it the status of capital of Caribbean gastronomy. Saint Martin also has a rich population of 110 different nationalities.

Where to go?

Fort Louis

Overlooking Marigot Bay, Fort Louis was built in 1789 at the behest of Jean Sebastien de Durat, then Governor of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, for the King of France. Its main objective was to defend the warehouses of the port of Marigot, where the crops (salt, coffee, sugar cane, rum) were stored, often attacked by English raiders. From the ruins of the Fort, breathtaking views of Marigot, the Simpson Bay lagoon, Anguilla, the Terres Basses and Nettlé Bay.

The town of Grand Case

Capital of gastronomy on the island, the village of Grand Case has retained all its authenticity. Once again, there are numerous small restaurants installed in the traditional cabins and houses with gaulettes made of woven branches, typical of Caribbean architecture.


The main city of the French part owes its name to the numerous swamps that existed in it. Thanks to sugar cane, Marigot grew rapidly during the 18th century and became the capital of the French part. A beautiful walk leads from the Fort Louis Marina to the cemetery, passing through the smell of spices market. Since Irma passed, many small traditional restaurants (or lolos) adjoin this colorful market waiting to relocate to the beach.