National Hotel
137.00 C$ 137.00 C$ 137.0 CAD
The National Hotel of Cuba was founded on December 30, 1930. It is located on a hill above Habana City and considered the fanciest resort of the Cuban Capital.
Hotel Memories Miramar 4*
88.00 C$ 88.00 C$ 88.0 CAD
Located in the luxurious residential district of Miramar, the Memories Miramar Habana offers views of the ocean and easy access to places of interest such as Old Havana, Club Habana, the National Aquarium of Cuba.
Collective Transfer
23.00 C$ 23.00 C$ 23.0 CAD
Travel comfortably from one destination to another with our collective transfers in Cuba, from and to the main airports, cities and resorts in Havana, Varadero and all tourist destinations.
Hotel Habana Libre 4*
99.00 C$ 99.00 C$ 99.0 CAD
The Tryp Habana Libre Hotel is one of the largest hotels in Cuba. Located in Vedado, Havana, it has 572 rooms spread over 25 floors.

Hotel Mystique Regist 5*
209.00 C$ 209.00 C$ 209.0 CAD
On the emblematic Paseo del Prado, the Mystique Regis hotel has a privileged location, close to historical and foundational sites of the city, as well as the Morro Cabaña Historical Complex
Hotel Habana Riviera 4*
263.00 C$ 263.00 C$ 263.0 CAD
El hotel Habana Riviera by Iberostar es testigo de la historia. En el barrio de Vedado, justo a los pies del Malecón, te espera el que fue el primer hotel de lujo de la capital y el que es desde 2012 Monumento Nacional de Cuba. Un verdadero emblema de Cuba en el que se han alojado grandes personalidades internacionales del siglo XX.
Hotel Iberostar Parque Central 5*
125.00 C$ 125.00 C$ 125.0 CAD
It is a hotel in the heart of Havana, a location that will allow its guests to breathe the Caribbean atmosphere of the island, while enjoying a wide range of services and facilities that will make their stay an unforgettable memory.
Cuban Life
2,597.00 C$ 2,597.00 C$ 2597.0 CAD
This 9 Day Cuba tour makes it easy for travelers arriving from the U.S. to comply with the travel rules for Americans.
Weekend in Havana
1,574.00 C$ 1,574.00 C$ 1574.0 CAD
This tour encompasses three action packed days in Havana, and an optional one-day extension to include a visit to the rural village of Viñales.
Tour for Women
1,013.00 C$ 1,013.00 C$ 1013.0 CAD
Looking for an empowering dose of feminine solidarity? Visit Cuba on this is an all-female tour, run by women for women and with a focus on Cuban women.
Tour Cuba by bike
2,046.00 C$ 2,046.00 C$ 2046.0 CAD
Pedal through the narrow alleys, cobbled lanes, and vast landscapes of Central Cuba on this tour that starts and ends in Havana.
Cuba and its birds
1,574.00 C$ 1,574.00 C$ 1574.0 CAD
Our Cuba birdwatching tour takes you to a selection of Cuba’s pristine protected natural areas that are known as the best places for observing the endemic bird species of Cuba.
Old Havana and its history
101.00 C$ 101.00 C$ 101.0 CAD
Visit the major attractions of the UNESCO world heritage area of Old Havana and get the perspective of an English-speaking local along the way.
Afro Havana
107.00 C$ 107.00 C$ 107.0 CAD
The Africans who were enslaved and brought to Cuba not only contributed greatly to the formation of the country, but also the culture.
Street Eats in Havana
89.00 C$ 89.00 C$ 89.0 CAD
Cuba might not be internationally known for its street food, but locals know that Havana streets are full of cheap,
Cooking in Casa
151.00 C$ 151.00 C$ 151.0 CAD
With all the hip gourmet restaurants now popping up all over Havana, there is still nothing like the traditional Cuban flavours of a home cooked meal.
Full Day Package
408.00 C$ 408.00 C$ 408.0 CAD
Combine three of our most popular tours and gain an understanding of Cuba’s capital city from a cultural, architectural, and geographical standpoint.
Mafia & The American Influence in Cuba
151.00 C$ 151.00 C$ 151.0 CAD
As far back as the colonial days, American style has influenced Cuba in every aspect of life: architecture, politics, economy, culture and lifestyle.
Murals & Mosaics Tour
235.00 C$ 235.00 C$ 235.0 CAD
Take an inspiring journey to three different neighbourhoods where visionaries have used art to unify and beautify the community and combat social problems.
May Day in Havana
116.00 C$ 116.00 C$ 116.0 CAD
Join us for an epic morning in Havana celebrating among locals. This one-day-only tour gives you the opportunity to join the annual May Day parade, celebrated throughout Cuba, tairs, blue door)